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  Track One: Classical Selections  (5.5 mb)
    London trio - Trio #3 - Spiritoso - Haydn
    London Trio - Trio #3 - Andante - Haydn
    Canonic Trio-Bach
    German Dances #10 - Haydn
    Serenade #3 - Rondo - Mozart

  Track Two : Wedding Ceremony Music  (8.9 mb)
    Bridal Chorus (Traditional Here Comes the Bride)
    Trumpet Voluntary
    Cannon in D Major - Pachebel
    Erev Shel Shoshanin (Jewish Services)
    Dodi Li - (Jewish Services)
    Ave Maria (Catholic Services)
    Rondeau (Theme from Masterpiece Theater)
    Wedding March (Traditional Recessional)
    Trumpet Tune
    Simon Tov (Jewish Service)
    Ode To Joy
    Water Music - Handel
    The Four Seasons - Spring

These pieces are suggestions based on years of experience. Our repertoire is much larger and we are flexible to fit your ideas and needs.

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